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 Base Rate @ 10.00% p.a.

Andhra Bank's Base Rate has been decreased by 25 basis points i.e. from 10.25 % p.a. to 10.00% p.a. w.e.f. 11.06.2015. 

 BMPLR @ 14.25% p.a.

Andhra Bank's BMPLR (Bench Mark Prime Lending Rate) has been decreased by 25 basis points from 14.50 % to 14.25 % p.a. with effect from 11.06.2015. 

 Short term production loans(PAGCC/KCC), in respect of accounts

  For individual borrowers For Corporate & Non-Corporate borrowers
Tobacco under tie up BR BR
All other crops (including Nurseries) BR + 1.75% 
Rating under CRS/CRAS Rating under CRRM Interest rate
A+++ A++ BR+1.50%
A+ A+ BR+1.75%
A A BR+2.00%
B B++ BR+2.00%
C B+ and B BR+2.50%
D C Not acceptable
Agricultural Gold loans BR + 1.75%  Not Applicable
Working capital limits to Poultry/ EMU birds BR + 1.00%
Rating under CRS/ CRAS Rating under CRRM Interest rate
A+++ A++ BR+0.50 %
A+ A+ BR+0.50 %
A A BR+0.75 %
B B++ BR+1.00%
C B+ and B BR+1.25 %
D C Not acceptable
Fisheries (inland fisheries and prawn culture) BR +1.50% 
Rating under CRS/ CRAS Rating under CRRM Interest rate
A+++ A++ BR+1.50 %
A+ A+ BR+1.75 %
A A BR+1.75 %
B B++ BR+2.00 %
C B+ and B BR+2.50 %
D C Not acceptable
Kisan Sampathi (Produce Marketing loans)
Loans up to Rs.5.00 lac
Loans above Rs. 5.00 lac up to Rs.10.00 lac
Loans above Rs. 10.00 lac up to Rs.25.00 lac
BR  p.a.
BR+0.50 p.a.
BR+1.50 p.a.
BR  p.a.
BR+0.50 p.a.
BR+1.50 p.a.
Self Help Groups (cash credit) Both farm& non farm sector BR+3.25% p.a. Not applicable

 Investment Credit:

  For individual borrowers For Corporate & Non-Corporate borrowers  
Poultry / EMU birds BR + 1.00%+TP 
Rating under CRS/ CRAS Rating under CRRM Interest rate
A+++ A++ BR+0.50 +0.25tp
A+ A+ BR+0.50 +0.25 tp
A A BR+0.75 +0.25 tp
B B++ BR+1.00 +0.25 tp
C B+ and B BR+1.25 +0.25 tp
D C Not acceptable
Horticulture (including Grape cultivation) & Plantations (coconut, Coffee, Tea, Rubber and mixed crop plantations) All other Ag. term loans: (for land development, Minor irrigation and wherever activity is not specified) Agril. allied activities: Dairy, Sheep & Goat, Sericulture (till cocoon rearing) and all other allied activities (other than Poultry) Fisheries (inland fisheries and prawn culture)   BR +1.50% + TP (0.25%)  
Rating under CRS/CRAS Rating under CRRM Interest rate
A+++ A++ BR+1.50+0.25tp
A+ A+ BR+1.75+0.25tp
A A BR+1.75+0.25tp
B B++ BR+2.00+0.25tp
C B+ and B BR+2.50+0.25tp
D C Not acceptable
Self Help Groups (Term loan) Farm & non farm sector BR + 3.25% +tp (0.25)  Not applicable  
Kisan tatkal scheme BR+0.50 Not applicable  
Farm Mechanisation  
Tractors, Power Tillers, Trailors and agril. implements BR +2.75+0.25 tp  BR +2.75+0.25 tp 
Combined Harvesters, Sugarcane Harvesters, and other crop harvesters BR+ 2.00 + TP (0.25%)  BR + 2.00 + TP (0.25%)
  For individual borrowers For Corporate & Non-Corporate borrowers  
Kisan Chakra Two wheelers: 
Four Wheelers:
(term premia @0.25% extra wherever repayment beyond 36 months)
Not applicable  
Others For individual borrowers For Corporate & Non-Corporate borrowers
AB KISAN RAKSHAK (Debt swapping for Farmers) BR + 2.50 + 0.25  Not applicable
Production and Distribution of Seeds BR+2.50+tp(0.25%) BR+2.50+tp(0.25%)

 Indirect Finance to Agriculture

  For individual borrowers For Corporate & Non-Corporate borrowers
Rural Godowns (construction/ repairs/ outright purchase)(irrespective of the capacity) BR + 0.75 + TP (0.25) 

BR + 0.75 + TP (0.25)  
(not linked to credit rating)

Micro Finance Institutions(MFI) of all categories (VA/ NBFC-MI/ NGO)           Not applicable
Rating under CRS/CRAS Rating under CRRM Interest rate
A+++ A++ BR+1.75+TP
A+ A+ BR+2.00+TP
A A BR+2.25+TP
B B++ BR+2.50+TP
C B+ and B BR+2.75+TP
D C Not acceptable
  For individual borrowers For Corporate & Non-Corporate borrowers
Scheme for financing setting up of Agri Business Clinics/Agri Business centres BR+6.50+tp (0.25%)  BR + 6.50+ tp (0.25%) 
(non- corporate borrowers )
Development/strengthening of Agricultural Marketing infrastructure, grading & standardization (interest to be charged on loan component excluding subsidy portion) BR+0.75+tp (0.25%)  BR + 0.75 + tp (0.25%) 
Dairy Agents for procurement of Milk
Up to Rs.50000 BR+2.75+tp (0.25%)  Not applicable
Above Rs.50000 up to Rs.3.00 lac BR+4.00+tp (0.25%)  Not applicable
Loans to Sheep Agents:
Up to Rs.50000 BR+2.75+tp (0.25%)  Not applicable
Above Rs.50000 up to Rs.2.00 lac BR+3.50+tp (0.25%) Not applicable

 Loans routed through FSCS/PACS/LAMPS

  Bank to Society Society to Members
Crop Loans and *Agricultural Gold Loans 
(For Loans up to and inclusive of Rs.2.00 lac):
Whenever Interest Subvention is available 7% p.a. 7% p.a.
Whenever Interest subvention is not available or after due date: 

i) Up to Rs.50,000 
ii) Above Rs.50,000 upto Rs.2.00 lac
BR + 0.50% 
BR+2.75 =13.00%
Term Loans: BR+2.00+tp(0.25%) BR + 4.00+ tp (0.25%)
CCATL: a) Up to Limit of Rs.50,000/- 
b) Above Rs.50,000/- up to Rs.2.00 lac
BR + 0.75%

 Refinance limits sanctioned to Regional Rural Banks (sponsored by our Bank)

STL (Seasonal Agricultural Operations) BR (Fixed) p.a.
STL (Seasonal Agricultural Operations –District Tribal Plan) BR (Fixed) p.a.
STL (Other than Seasonal Agricultural Operations) BR (Fixed) p.a.
Special Line of credit (clean overdraft BR + 0.25% (floating)

 Loans to farmers for purchase of renewable Energy Equipments for Agriculture & Allied activities

Financing Solar Energy based pump set loans BR +0.75+tp 
Solar water Heaters BR +0.75+tp
Solar Home lighting Scheme BR +0.75+tp

Under Interest Subvention Scheme : For Pattabhi Agri cards, Agricultural Gold Loans interest rate is 7% pa. upto credit limits of Rs.3.00 lakhs till due date of the loan or date of repayment subject to a maximum period of one year .
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