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Debit Cards
 1. What is an ATM/Debit Card ?

What is an ATM card ?

ATM card is a proprietory card of Andhra Bank and can be used on ATMs for doing transactions on our Bank ATMs and shared banks ATMs. This cannot be used for purchases at Merchant Establishments

What is a Debit Card?

A debit card is a card that has direct access to your Bank account. The card is just like a money purse in cardholder pocket. Debit card reduces the risk of carrying cash. The debit card can be used for purchases at Merchant Establishments.

The issuance of ATM/Debit cards has been revised since March 2009. The system of issuing ATM/Debit card with cardholder’s name and photo has been dispensed with and replaced by non-personalised cards i.e. cards without name and photo.

A welcome kit containing a non personalized card with PIN is being provided across the counter on request immediately after opening of the account.

2. Salient features of ATM Card / Debit Card

Salient features of ATM CARD

The ATM Cards can be used round-the-clock, all 365 days a year, at any Andhra Bank ATM, spread across the length & breadth of the country!

The card can be used for the following functions on the ATM

  • Balance enquiry

  • PIN change

  • Withdrawal of cash

    The friendly AB Cashier that never sleeps!!

  • Individual Cards for Joint Account holders!
    Freedom of living!!

  • Balance enquiry: Can know the balance of any of the Card-linked accounts, at any time of the day!
    Data on fingertips!!

  • Mini Statement of Account: Can get a printout of the last TEN transactions, of any of the Card-linked accounts, during online authorization.
    Reconciliation made convenient!!

  • Up to a maximum of 10 Accounts, spread even across 10 Branches at 10 different towns, which can be operated by the cardholder can be linked to a single ATM Card and cash can be withdrawn from any of the linked account!
    Greatness of Any-Where-Any-Branch Banking!!

  • Can transfer funds from one linked account of the Card to another, of the same Card, at any time of the day!
    Convenience Banking, at its best!!

  • e-Hundi: Can make offerings to Sri Vari Hundi account of Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanams or Shirdi Saibaba Samsthan, on the very day & time, considered auspicious by the Cardholder, from the comfort of home town!
    Caring for & respecting individuals faith!! Any time Blessings !!!

  • TTD Trust Donations: Can donate to any of the approved TTD Trusts and get the IT exemptions/other benefits, wherever eligible, directly from TTD!
    Helping the noble causes & contributing for philanthropy to thrive!!

  • Can pay for Andhra Bank Credit Card dues, through the ATM Card, at the time and ATM location of choice, after a simple registration procedure!
    The friendly AB Credit Cards made all the more friendlier!!

  • We have joined with National Financial Switch - NFS with a view to provide sharing facility for ATM operations. Apart from this we are also having bilateral sharing arrangement with Indian Bank. Thus we are providing our cardholders access to more than 100000 ATMs across the country.

  • You can make payment for the tickets booked  over phone from  KING FISHER AIRLINES.

           Any VISA card can be used for this. FIRST IN ASIA PACIFIC.

Salient features on Debit Card

Debit card issued by our Bank is in association with VISA and governed by the rules and regulations of Visa. This card has the emblem of VISA ELECTRON

This Debit Card is Globally valid and for electronic use only. The Debit card can be used for drawal of cash through all ATMs and for making purchases at merchant locations. Old Debit cards cannot be used on internet (except for booking railway tickets or any other feature introduced by the Bank in future), mail order transactions, transactions at merchant establishments where EDC terminals are not available. Since august 2009, cards are being issued with CVV2 printed on the back side of the card which can be used for online transactions at websites which supports Verified By VISA. Debit cardholder has to register for VBV using the link available at our website to perform online transactions.

  • Has all the features of Andhra Bank ATM Card!
    A worthy sibling!!

Some of the additional features of debit card :

  • Global validity - Can withdraw cash and enquire balance from over EIGHT LAKH VISA ATMs, spread across 150+ countries, the world over!
    Money purse, with currency of choice!!

  • Can purchase goods at over TWELVE LAKH Merchant Establishments, globally, with on-line authorization of transactions!

    Please note that the transactions at merchant establishments will be debited to the PRIMARY account of the cardholder only.
    Safeguard against the risk of carrying cash!!

  • Using Debit Card now you can book Rail Tickets through IRCTC
    Travel made easy - the Andhra Bank way !!!

3. Eligibility

Any individual having rights to operate any of the eligible accounts (Eg: Savings Bank / Current Account) and fulfilling the other criteria prescribed by the Bank, from time to time are eligible for applying for ATM/ Debit Card.

Minors, illiterates, other handicapped persons who can not operate an ATM and Mandate/Power of attorney holders are not eligible for issue of ATM/Debit Card.

Accounts operated jointly with minors as joint depositors, proprietary and Partnership accounts, Company Accounts, Trust accounts etc are not eligible.