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Loans against Rent Receivables
 Nature of the Scheme

Loans to individual against Rent Receivables

Individuals, proprietorship, partnership, public Ltd. Cos, Private Ltd. Cos, Trust are eligible to avail the facility. 

All unencumbered residential/ commercial properties at all places let out for reputed public sector/ private sector/ multinational undertakings, embassies and consulate offices of foreign countries etc are eligible for the loan.

   Rate of interest


 Our Landlords


Upto 36 months

RLLR + 1.70%

RLLR + 1.20% to 2.70%

Above 36 months to 60 months

RLLR + 1.70% + 0.25%

RLLR + 1.20% to 2.70% + 0.25%

Above 60 months

RLLR + 1.70% + 0.50%

RLLR + 1.20% to 2.70% + 0.50%

  Quantum of Finance

Upto a maximum of Rs. 10.00 cr

   Repayment Period

Within the unexpired lease period including option period/ 120 months whichever is less.
  Interest rate

As applicable on the date of loan.

  Primary Security

Rent Receivable

   Collateral Security

For loans upto Rs. 1.00 lacs: No Collateral.

For loans above Rs. 1.00 lacs: Equitable mortgage of the property/ liquid assets such as NSCs, deposits etc. With 25% margin/ equitable mortgage of alternative collateral security.

  Co-obligant/ Guarantor

Acceptable to the bank.

As applicable to the scheme from time to time.

  Other Terms and Conditions apply.

This is not meant to be a prospectus. This is only a gist of the salient features. For further details and other conditions, contact your nearest Andhra Bank Branch.