Andhra Bank
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Working Capital Facility
  Export Import Finance (PC/PCFC/PSC)

Packing Credit/Pre shipment credit: Andhra Bank is offering Packing credit facility to exporters and this is also known as pre-shipment credit facility. It is the short term working capital finance available to exporters . This is for the purpose of procuring, processing (where necessary), manufacturing and finally for packing of goods.
PCFC: Packing credit can also be sanctioned in Foreign Currency for the purpose of procuring, processing (where necessary), manufacturing etc. The objective is to make credit available to exporters at internationally competitive rates. 
Post Shipment Credit: Andhra Bank also offers Post shipment Credit ie finance after shipment of goods/Service. It includes Purchase/Discounting/Negotiating of export Bills, advance against bills for collection, advance against duty draw backs receivable from Government etc.
Gold Card Scheme: Our Bank will accord “Gold Card Status” to Credit worthy exporters, including those in small and medium sectors with good track record . The Gold Card Holder would enjoy simpler and more efficient credit delivery mechanism in recognition of their good track record.