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Andhra Bank
AB Super Salary SB Account
Andhra Bank Availability of the Scheme
Andhra Bank

In all   Branches 
Andhra Bank  Type of Deposit
Andhra Bank

Savings Bank Deposit
Andhra Bank Eligibility for salaried persons
Andhra Bank

Salaried staff of   any company/organization drawing salaries through our Bank.  

Andhra Bank Initial Amount of Deposit.
Andhra Bank

Account can be opened with Zero Balance.
Andhra Bank Benefits
Andhra Bank

  1. No Ledger Folio/ Transaction charges.
  2. Free remittance up to   Rs.25000/- per month.
  3. Free Internet Banking Facility.
  4. Free Access to non-Andhra Bank ATMs (Charges  collected will be refunded).
  5. Free Statement of Account – Once in a month
  6. Free Reply  over e-mail to  Balance queries 
  7. Free issue of  Cheque Books (50 leaves in a year )
  8. Sweep and  Reverse Sweep Facilities  as available under  AB  Freedom (Flexi ) Deposit  Scheme.
  9. Free ATM /Debit Card (for first year).
  10. Free Credit Card (Conditions apply)
  11. Free Demat A/c (conditions apply)
  12. Option to convert balance in excess of   Rs.10,000/-   as   Term Deposits subject to the guidelines as applicable to  AB Freedom (Flexi)   Deposits
  13. Depositors eligible for  Retail  Loans  as per the  guidelines of  respective  loan facilities.
  14. OD facility at BMPLR once in a quarter. Overdraft will be equal to last drawn Net Salary and is to be adjusted in two installments with in a period of 2 months. Only employees whose net salary drawn is not less than 60% of their gross salary are eligible for OD facility.

Additional Features:

  • Free online Trading A/c ( conditions apply)
  • On line Tax payment
  • NEFT and RTGS facilities are made available two times  free of cost in a month
  • Personalized Debit card will be issued on specific request of the Customer.
  • Free personalized cheque books (50 leaves in a year – for average Monthly balance of Rs.10,000/- and above)
  • Life Insurance cover up to Rs.1.00 lakh as available under "AB Jeevan Abhaya" Scheme of our Bank for the age group of 18 to 55 years. This facility is available at premium plus service charges as per AB Jeevan Scheme Rules, which are to be borne by the Customer.

Andhra Bank  Other Conditions

Andhra Bank

  1. The Monthly salary of the  Depositor  should  be   credited  directly to the  account  every month.
  2. Copy of  Pan  Card and  copy of   Pass Port   (if   Depositor is having)  should be  obtained along with the application. 
  3. Permanent  Address of the Depositor  should be  obtained and kept  on record. 
  4. Average Minimum Balance of  Rs.5000/-  should be maintained except  when the  account  is  in debit  balance.
  5. Other terms and conditions  as applicable to  SB  Deposit Accounts. .

Andhra Bank  For non-salaried persons

Andhra Bank

  1. The above facilities are also available to Non-salaried class subject the following:

    1. Account will be opened with a minimum balance of Rs.5,000/- and not with ZERO balance.
    2. No overdraft facility is allowed since the source of regular inflow of funds is not available.