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Andhra Bank TEJ

Andhra bank offers banking solution with a whole new and exciting range of services & features taking complete advantage of the latest technologies in the market. Now manage your money on the move and around the clock with our secure new mobile banking app. Simplify life & enjoy intrusive user experience with completely paperless & signature less banking. Access your account, profile and other useful financial information in the safest & fastest way.

Pre – Requisite
  • Mobile number to be registered for SMS Alerts.
  • Customer must have active Debit/ATM card.
  • Smart Phone with Android version 4.2 & above or IPhone with iOS 7 & above. Windows app will be available soon.
    • Per day limit is Rs 2, 00,000/- through App including all type of transaction done through application.
    • Rs 5000/- per transaction for quick pay.
  • Customer has to download the App from Google Play Store for Android Mobile and Apple store for iOS mobiles.
  • Install the application on your mobile handset.
  • Select New User option to register.
  • App will prompt to send SMS from the registered mobile number.
  • SIM selection will be available in case of dual SIMs for android 5.1 & above. User has to select the Mobile Number registered for SMS alert with the Bank.
  • Once SMS verification is completed, Debit card & PIN has to be entered.
  • Once details are successfully validated, customer has to set a four digit App password and confirm the same.
  • In case of multiple accounts, customer will get an option to select Primary account on first log in.
  • Once customer is registered, their name will be displayed with an option to enter four digit app password.
Facilities/Options available under Andhra Bank Mobile Banking  
    • Balance Inquiry - Customers can view the account balance, lien Amount, funds in Clearing, float Balance and effective Available balance of the account.
    • Mini Statement - Last 10 transactions (both credit and debit legs) in the registered account can be viewed using this option
Funds Transfer – Quick & Registered
Registered Beneficiary  
    • Fund transfer to all added beneficiary will be done through this option.
Quick Pay
  • Fund transfer to beneficiary which is not added can be done through this option.
  • Customer can transfer maximum of Rs. 5000/- per transaction through Quick Pay.
  • Own – Customer can transfer within their own accounts.
  • Within – Customer can transfer to other Andhra Bank account using A/c No or Mobile no. For using Mobile to Mobile fund transfer facility, beneficiary should be a registered for mobile banking
  • NEFT– Customer can transfer to other Bank accounts through this option within NEFT working hours.
  • IMPS – Customer can do IMPS transfer to other banks accounts through this option. Customer can do P2A (Person to account) using account number & IFSC or P2P (Person to Person) using mobile number & MMID to other bank customers.

    * MMID (Mobile Money Identifier) is a seven digit code issued by the banks to their customers for availing IMPS services.
Account Details - Under this option customer can view the details like branch code,IFSC,mode of operation, account status, account opening date, Sharing of Account details like Account name, Account number & IFSC etc. through SMS/Email/Watsapp also available. Nominee/Joint/Co –obligant details can be viewed by clicking on more info option.
My Accounts - Change Primary Account/ Link Delink Accounts/ Deregister.

** Now all accounts details i.e Savings, Current, Deposits, Loans & Overdraft available under “Accounts” option.

Deposit Opening/Closure - Customer can open fixed deposit, reinvestment & recurring deposits through this option. Deposits are opened instantly in the same branch of selected debit account. Closure option is also available to enter a request to close the deposit & is applicable only for deposits account opened online. All deposits details can be inquired through inquiry option available.

Manage Beneficiary – Customer can view all added beneficiary under this option.
  • Add Beneficiary option is available to add new beneficiaries.
    • Type of beneficiary to be selected. For e.g. Within Bank, Other Bank, MMID etc.
    • Account Number to be entered and confirmed.
    • Mobile number & MMID to be entered in case of IMPS person to person (P2P) transfers.
    • IFSC details to be entered in case of other bank beneficiary. IFSC search option also available.
    • Nick Name to be entered.
    • Fund transfer limit to be entered for each beneficiary.
    • Fund transfer for amount more than the limit set will not be allowed.
    • Customer will validate beneficiary addition transaction with OTP which will be sent over SMS to registered mobile number.
    • Payee will be activated after three hours of addition.
  • All Registered & validated payee will be displayed with a green band on left side. Grey band will be for payee added but OTP validation not completed.
  • Customer can view beneficiary details by clicking on nick name displayed in list.
  • Edit option also available – Customer can only edit fund transfer limit and same will be validated with OTP.
  • In case of addition/any modification, beneficiary will be available for fund transfer only after cooling period is completed which is 3 hours.
  • Delete option is available to delete any added beneficiary. Once a beneficiary is deleted, same will no longer be available in the beneficiary list.
  • Alphanumeric accounts numbers are allowed.
Payments -

Mobile Recharge /DTH
  • Customer can recharge any prepaid number or DTH.
  • 10 digit mobile number/customer id for DTH is to be entered, same can be selected from contacts.
  • Operator details & amount is to be entered. List of plans/packs as per state selection will be displayed.
  • Transaction will be validated with OTP and status of transaction will be displayed.

Utility Bill Payments
  • Customer can now pay bills through these options for various merchants listed in this option. For e.g. Electricity bill payment, Mutual Fund, Insurance etc.
  • Customer has an option to add biller which is frequently used to make the future payments easier.
  • Bill payment history is available to track your bill payments.
  • Instant Bill payment facility is also available to make bill payments without adding the biller.

Credit card Services
  • Customer can link their Andhra bank credit card in ABTEJ app and make dues payment online.
  • Customers can view their past card statements and also unbilled transaction details.
  • Card block & Pin reset options also available.
  • Enable/Disable international transaction & standing instruction facility also available.
Services -

Cheque Services
  • Request Cheque Book – Customer can place Cheque book request through this option. Issued Cheque book will be collected from branch.
  • View Cheque Status – Customer can enter Cheque number and get the Cheque status. Max 5 Cheque status will be displayed in one selection.
  • Stop Cheque – Customer can place a request for stop payment of their Cheque. Same will be affected instantly if not paid.

Standing Instruction
  • View Standing Instructions - All Standing instructions added through this app will be listed under this option.
  • Add Standing Instructions – Customer can add a standing instruction for their own account or within bank account. Beneficiary added under within bank will be listed for SI addition.
  • Modify Standing Instruction – Customer can modify amount /frequency /no of payments for any added Standing instruction.
  • Delete Standing Instruction - Customer can delete the added standing instruction.
  • Debit Card Block – Customer can block their active debit card instantly in case of theft or loss.

  • Donation - Customer can donate to the listed temples through this option.

  • MMID –Customer can generate/cancel/view MMID for their accounts.

  • Aadhaar Seeding – Customer can request for linking Aadhaar number to their Andhra bank account.

  • Government Schemes – Customer can enroll for the below mentioned government schemes.
    • PMSBY(Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojna)
    • PMJBY(Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojna)
    • APY (Atal Pension Yojna)
  • Insurance - Customer can currently view their insurance policy details through ABTEJ.
    • Arogyadaan
    • AB Health Plus
  • Activation: 
    • Once Registration is success, customer will download the application (In case of Branch/ATM/Net banking registration).
    • System will prompt the customer to enter their registered mobile number.
    • Customer will receive OTP and same has to be entered, customer can set their own log in /application password and same can be reset through “Forgot Password “option.
    • Now system will prompt the customer for changing mPIN, Customer needs to enter the four digit code received through SMS/ATM and set their mPIN.
    • Please note Application password and mPIN cannot be same.
    • Once mPIN is successfully changed, Mobile Banking services will be activated.
    • Customer needs to Generate MMID for IMPS transactions, “Generate MMID” option will be available under IMPS.
    Transfer History- All transaction done through app will be displayed. Customer can select account and start & end date to get the list of transactions. In case no dates are selected, last 100 transactions in the selected account will be displayed. Maximum of 100 transactions list will be displayed at one time.

    Bharat QR ( Scan & Pay) – Customer can use ABTEJ app to scan Bharat QR & make payment using their debit card. Bharat QR Code will allow all the merchants to receive digital payments without the use of Point-of-Sale (POS) swiping machine. Customers can make merchant payments using their Rupay & VISA debit cards.

    My Profile - Customer profile/basic details will be displayed. For e.g. PAN, Aadhaar, Date of birth, customer id, branch etc. Customer can update profile pic & name by selecting Edit Profile option.
    • Change Password
      • Customer can change App password through this option
      • Customer has to enter current password & new password and confirm
      • Last Three passwords cannot be repeated
      • Password will be numeric and four digits.
    • Manage Favourites
      • Customer can add a favorite transaction which will be listed under this option.
      • Once any fund transfer transaction is done, option will be available to add that transactions as favorite.
      • Customer has to enter a nick name for favorite transaction.
      • Maximum of 10 favorite transactions can be added.
      • Customer can select the favorite transaction and directly select to transfer. Amount & remarks can be modified at the time of transactions.
      • Delete option also available.
      • Remove Favorite option will also delete the favorite from the list.
    • Manage Limit
      • Customer can set a limit for fund transfer in App.
      • Once this limit is set, customer will not be allowed to transfer more than limit in a day.
      • Minimum can be Rs 1/- and maximum cannot be more than bank limit for fund transfer transaction.
    • Customer can enter feedback in the text box and give ratings.
    • This rating will update play store rating, this is for internal purpose.
    Logout- Customer will log out of current session and will be redirected to log in screen.
    Notification -Any information to customers will be sent as push notification and same will be displayed under this option. Notification Icon is available on home screen. Delete/clear all option is available.
    Forgot Password
    • Customer can reset Application/log in password through this option.
    • Debit card & PIN is to be entered to validate and set password.
    • User can attempt maximum five(5) times with wrong password then app will block the account and user has to select forgot password to reset new password and unblock the account.
    • All transactions will be validated with OTP (One Time Password).
    • OTP will be a six digit code, sent to registered mobile number through SMS.
    • Regenerate OTP option is also available.
    • Maximum of five wrong attempts allowed, once it reaches the maximum count it will redirect back to the service selected.
    • OTP will be auto read. In case of any issue , customer can enter the OTP manually also.
    • Deregister option available in the App.
    • In case of Change in mobile handset/number, user will be prompted to deregister and register fresh.
    • Deregistration option will remove all past registration details.
    Locate Us – Branch & ATM geolocators available for Andhra Bank.
    Contact Us – Customer can call the contact numbers listed in case of any queries.
    FAQs – Related to App , frequently asked questions will be listed.
    • Product
    • Calculator
    • Interest Rate
    • Applications & Forms
    • Holiday List
    • Umang App
    IMPS Transaction Charges  

    Charges applicable on IMPS fund transfers to other bank accounts as below : -

    IMPS Charges
    Transaction Amount Range Charges
    Rs 1 To Up to Rs 2500 Nil
    Above Rs 2500 To Rs 10,000 Rs 2.50 + GST
    Above Rs 10,000 To Rs 1 Lakh Rs 5 + GST
    Above Rs 1 Lakh Rs 10 + GST

    App Security Features & Do’s Don’t
    App Security Features
    • Mobile handset & number combination is registered. In case of any change, deregistration & fresh registration is mandatory.
    • Registration is validated with debit card details.
    • App four digit log in password is required for each login, resetting of password is validated with debit card details.
    • Last three Application password cannot be repeated.
    • User will be blocked in case of 5 wrong tries of password. To unblock, user has to reset password through “Forgot Password”.
    • For transaction validation, OTP is to be entered. In case of wrong 5 attempts, transaction will be cancelled.
    • For all transactions, user will be notified with SMS & Email (Registered Users).
    • Beneficiary addition will be intimated through SMS and cooling period of 3 hours exist.
    • Last login time available on home page.
    App Security Features & Do’s Don’t
    • Do not share your four digit application password with anyone.
    • Do not share your six digit OTP(One Time Password) with anyone.
    • Do not share your four digit ATM PIN with anyone.
    • Do not set weak Application password.

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