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Debit Cards
7.DOs and DONTs


  • Please change the PIN number as and when received by you first time.
  • Memorize you PIN.
  • Whenever card is used at merchant location , please ensure to swipe the card in your presence.
  • Upon loss of card intimate immediately to the Branch where account is maintained and to the toll free number 1800 425 2910.
  • Obtain and preserve chargeslip copies from the merchants for purchase and cancellation of transactions and reconcile the same through your account.
  • Preserve the customer receipts of ATM transactions and reconcile your account.


  • Never choose a pin number corresponding to your birth date, vehicle number.
  • Do not write pin number on the card.
  • Do not leave the card lying around the house or on your desk at work.
  • Never give the card to a third party for ATM operations.
  • Do not keep card and pin number together.
  • Do not part with Pin number to any body at any time.
8. Guidelines for ATM operation

  1. Andhra Bank ATMs accept Andhra Bank ATM Card, Debit Card and Credit Cards.Besides, any Rupay,VISA & Master Cards as well as Cards belonging to Banks with whom ATM Network Sharing arrangement is in place are also accepted.

  2. To operate at ATM, one should have a valid Card and PIN (Personal Identification Number)

  3. Insert the Card at the ATM in the slot meant for the same, correctly. (The face of the Card should be upside; the left side of the Card - i.e., the side where the number starts - should be inserted)

  4. Enter the correct PIN. If using for the first time, enter the PIN provided in the PIN Mailer

  5. Enter the type of transaction

  6. Choose the type of account

  7. If withdrawing money, enter the amount of cash to be withdrawn

  8. If more than one account under the same type were linked to the Card, choose the account from which you want to withdraw, by typing the serial number as displayed on the monitor, like, 1 or 2 or 3. (This facility is currently available for only Andhra Bank ATM & Debit Cardholders)

  9. If transferring funds from one linked account to another, choose the account from which you want to transfer, like, 1 or 2 or 3 and choose the account to which the amount has to be credited, besides entering the amount to be transferred.

  10. For Balance Enquiry, if more than one account were linked to the Card, under the same account type, then choose the account serial number as displayed on the monitor

  11. While donating through e-Hundi, select the account type, account serial and enter carefully the amount to be transferred (once transferred to e-Hundi, the amount cannot be reclaimed)

  12. While donating to Trusts, select the Trust to which you want to donate. For the facilities eligible for such donations, contact the Trust directly, with the particulars of donations

  13. For e-Seva transactions, select the type of utility for which you have registered and make payment according to the regulations of the service provider

  14. For Utility Services payment, if you have registered for more than one service, select the one for which you want to make payment and effect payment according to the regulations of the service provider

Additional information

All the ATMs of Andhra Bank are networked and hence, the Bank’s Cardholders can avail of the service at any ATM of choice & convenience.

The card is valid up to the “valid thru“ date mentioned on the card.

Any individual, holding Savings or Current group of account and having rights to operate the account in his/her individual capacity, is eligible for ATM or Debit Card.

An individual can have either an ATM Card or a Debit Card; but, not both. An existing ATM Cardholder can request for Debit Card, at the time of renewal or even, in lieu of the ATM Card, by surrendering the same.

Five accounts each under Savings and Current account types can be linked to a Card, thus allowing linking of a maximum of 10 accounts, across a maximum of 10 different Branches. The Cardholder has the choice of operating any of the linked accounts. Besides, funds can be transferred from one Card-lined account to another, of the same Card. This is a feature of unparalleled convenience. 

Donations to e-Hundi or TTD Trusts cannot be reversed. No need of registration. Any Andhra Bank ATM/Debit Cardholders can effect the donations, at Andhra Bank ATMs.

The Credit Cardholders of Andhra Bank can pay the dues through Andhra Bank ATM or Debit Card, at the ATM. Registration for the service has to be done at the ATM/Debit Card-issue Branch.

Any Service Provider - Telephones/Cell Service providers/Electricity Boards/ Municipalities/Educational institutions/etc. - can register with Andhra Bank, for payment of their dues, by their consumers, through Andhra Bank ATMs. The ATM/Debit Cardholders can register for paying the bills of such service providers. The Bill will be presented on the ATM, when the Cardholder wanted to pay for it and based on the instructions of the Service Provider, either partial payment or excess payment or only full payment will be allowed.

For Debit Card transactions on other VISA ATMs, charges shall be according to VISA regulations.

Charges for transacting at the shared ATM shall be according to the agreements with the partner Banks and Bank’s own policies, from time-to-time.

Further details/clarifications can be had from the nearby Andhra Bank Branch.

9. Blocking of ATM/Debit Cards
Through SMS:

SMS syntax for blocking ATM/Debit Card:

CARDBLOCK<SPACE>XXXX (XXXX–Last four digits of A/c No.) to 56161

Through e-mail:

An email can be sent to or call to TOLL FREE NO 18004251515 for instant blocking of the card.