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To provide credit requirement to the farmer against his farm produce sale proceeds (receivables). The receivables may be due from corporates/ Govt. Organizations etc., to whom farmers have sold their farm produce. This facility is available for those organizations/Corporates which have entered into MOU with the bank.

Eligibility Criteria

Individual, Joint/Group of Farmers or Cultivators
(Preference shall be given to existing Crop loan Borrowers of our Bank)


Agriculture Cash Credit against receivables

  Quantum of loan

  1. Limit will be assessed duly considering the past *track record of the supplier farmer with the Corporate/Organization subject to maximum of Rs 25.00 Lakh.
  2. For new farmer suppliers; land holding, crops grown and estimated yield of farm produce will be considered and sanction limit will be fixed.
  3. Drawing power will be maintained basing on receivables (Invoices issued by the Corporate/Organizations with which our Bank has entered MoU) submitted by the farmer and disbursements will be made accordingly. Further Drawing power will also be reduced basing on the credit payments made by the Company/ Organisation.

*(Company/Organization endorses the track record (the average Value of farm produce supplied in the past) of the farmer supplier)


a) Min 5.00% of Bill Amount.
If the Corporate/Organization is undertaking to pay the Interest amount on monthly basis (i.e., 95% Bill amount to be disbursed)

b) Min 10% of Bill Amount.
If the Corporate/Organization is not undertaking to pay the Interest amount on monthly basis (i.e., 90 % of Bill amount to be disbursed)

 Loan Tenure

Upto one year from the date of sanction.

 Rate of Interest

MCLR + 0.50%


Suitable co-obligation is to be given.

 Primary Security

Assignment of receivables submitted by farmer supplier

 Collateral Secuirty



Not applicable.



 Penal Interest

As per RBI Guidelines
Up to Rs 25000/- - Nil
Above Rs 25000/- - @2%

 Other information

  • ATM/ Debit card will not be provided to the account.
  • Internet/ Mobile banking/ Cheque book facility will not be provided.
  • Central/State Government/Any other Incentives/ Subsidies are not applicable.
  • Existing Crop loan, if any, of the said farmer supplier will be closed with the proposed loan proceeds.