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Housing Loans : In any area like rural, semi-urban, urban and metro etc.

  • Age 21 to 65 years.
  • Repayment maximum period is 30 years.
  • Maximum age on due date of loan is not to be more than 75 years.
  • Individuals either singly or jointly with family members.
  • For construction or purchase of house/flat. 
  • Minimum margin 10% for limits up to Rs.30 lacs, 20% for limits over Rs.30.00 lacs to Rs.75.00 lacs and 25% for limits more than Rs.75.00 lacs.
  • Eligibility of loan amount is based on repayment capacity.
  • For purchase of plot:
    1. The plot is to be situated in residential areas within Municipal/Corporation limits in Metro,Urban and Semi Urban areas.
    2. Finance shall also be considered for purchase of sites offered for sale by state owned agencies like Housing Boards etc. in Metro,Urban and Semi Urban areas.
    3.The construction has to be commenced within 12 months from the date of first disbursement of loan for purchase of plot and the construction there on should be completed within 30 months from the date of disbursement of first installment of loan for purchase of plot. Failure to comply with will result in declassifying the account from housing loans and charging commercial rate of interest.
    4. Assessment of eligible amount of loan is is based on repayment capacity for both the components of loan – i.e. for plot and construction together. 
  • For repairs and renovation:
    1. Up to 5 years of age of the property - Max loan Rs.10.00 lacs
    2. Above 5 years and up to 25 years - Max loan Rs.15.00 lacs
  Margin and Rate of interest
Minimum Margin
 Rate of interest (Women) Rate of interest (Others)
Up to 30 lakhs
RLLR + 0.05% RLLR + 0.10%
Above 30 lakhs and up to 75 lakhs
RLLR + 0.05% RLLR + 0.10%
Above 75 lakhs
RLLR + 0.15% RLLR + 0.20 %
Home loans repairs /Modifications
RLLR + 1.20%RLLR +1.20 % 

A premium of 0.10% will be added to the card rate for Loan upto Rs.30.00 lacs if LTV ratio is >80% & <=90%.

Application for appointment of Housing loan Counsellors
Checklist for Housing Loan