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AB Mahila Jyothi
  AB Mahila Jyothi (Self Help Group model for community "Managed Sustainable Agriculture)

The scheme envisages to intend finance to  SHGs in community Managed Sustainable Agriculture at  villages in the state of  Andhra Pradesh.


All existing, eligible SHGs in Community Managed Sustainable Agriculture villages spread over 304 mandals of A.P shall be covered. New SHGs not linked so far will also be covered after 6 months of regular savings.

  Eligibility Criteria

Only "A" rated groups as per Critical Rating Index to be financed. Loan limit as per Micro Credit Plan (MCP). Micro credit Plan comprises of the following components:

  1. Crop production: Lease amount and working capital requirement of Tenant farmer members
  2. Working capital for owner farmer members.
  3. Term Loan for Land development: includes investment for Land development i.e. land leveling, bunding, drilling of bore wells, digging or de-silting of wells, laying / extension of pipe lines etc.
  4. Term Loan for Livestock / Dairy: Finance to be extended for purchase of milch cattle, sheep and other livestock.
  5. Debt swapping: Debt swapping requirement i.e. for repayment of loans of their members taken from non-institutional lenders (private money lenders) / other Banks subject to 40% of MCP (or) to the extent of debt , whichever is lower
  6. Consumption: Health, education, marriage, consumption and other social needs can be financed under this component subject to maximum of 10% of the investment credit (i, ii, iii & iv components).
Aggregate Limits for 1st and 2nd Dosages should not exceed Rs.5.00 Lakhs (Rupees Five Lakhs only). From third Dosage onwards, aggregate limits should not exceed Rs.10.00Lakhs (Rupees Ten Lakhs only).
  Role of SERP

  1. MOU with SERP / Tripartite agreement with the group, SERP and Branch to be executed.
  2. Formation and Identification of groups.
  3. Training to SHG members
  4. To provide agri-extension services for community Managed sustainable agriculture.
  5. Convergence of Community Managed sustainable agriculture and NREGA for taking up water harvesting and soil conservation works on farm land.
  6. IT Support by SERP :
  7. Laptops will be provided to village book keepers in all the CMSA villages by SERP.
  8. Books of accounts of all SHGs will be maintained electronically in CMSA villages.
  9. Crop monitoring through the use of IT.  
  Rate of Interest
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  Repayment schedule : (Applicable to the present scheme only)
  1. For 1st and 2nd Dosages, Loan is repayable in 60 monthly instalments with a gestation of 6 months. Interest to be repaid as and when debited to the account.(Max. Limit Rs.5.00 Lakhs)
  2. For 3rd dosage onwards, loan is to be repaid in 96 monthly instalments with a gestation of 6 months. Interest to be repaid as and when debited to the account.
  Security : Primary

Hypothecation of present and future standing crops along with other assets created out of our Bank Loan. 

  Collateral : (Applicable to the present scheme only)

First & Second Doses of Finance: Collateral Security need not be insisted up to Rs.5.00 Lakhs per group.
From Third Dose onwards: Collateral need not be insisted upto Rs.10.00 Lakhs per group for SHGs with good repayment track record.