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MNRE Lighting Scheme - Installation of Solar Photovoltaic lighting System

This is a scheme of the MNRE, Govt. of India for promoting commercial Marketing of solar energy systems and devices in the country.

Models eligible :

Under the scheme, subsidy support will be available only for 6 models of LED based lighting systems and 6 models of solar home systems (Solar Power Packs DC/AC models)

 Implementation period:

29th Feb 2016 to 31st March 2017.

 Eligibility Borrowers :

Individuals, Group of individuals, SHGs, JLGs, NGOs, Trusts, Farmers Clubs, Registered Farmers Producer’s organizations and any other type of borrowers approved by MNRE will be eligible for subsidy. However, Private/ Public limited companies/ corporates will not be eligible.

 Subsidy rate :

  1. Rs.160 per WP for systems up to 40Wp
  2. Rs.100 per WP for systems above 40wp to 300wp
  3. Systems above 300Wp are not eligible for subsidy.
 Interest Rate:


 Repayment period :

Repayment period for the bank loan will be for 5 years.

 Release of subsidy:

The subsidy would be credited to the “subsidy Reserve Fund Account” of the borrower. No interest will be charged by the bank on the subsidy component. Subsidy will be back-ended with a lock in period of 3 years. If the loan is repaid before three years, the borrower will not be eligible for subsidy.